CSUM’s Careers

Ensuring that the satellite complies with applicable regulations and in particular French space law. Establishment of partnership agreements between satellite users and funders. Working in particular with satellite launch suppliers (space agencies, launch brokers) to secure the rockets that will launch the satellites (Vega, Soyuz, Falcon-9, PSLV, etc.).

Mobilization and coordination of the human resources (administrative, logistical and technical) and equipment required to achieve the project’s objectives. Promoting and participating in CSUM outreach programs and communicating the results to various target audiences.

Administrative and financial management of projects and the budget as well as resources.

Management of the technical team and participation in the definition of the CSUM development strategy. Managing the various aspects and specifications of the centre’s ongoing projects. Establishing and managing the technical aspects of partnerships with members of the space industry.

Administering the management of servers and the CSUM computer network (installation, updates, etc.). Managing hardware and software stock. Ensuring management, maintenance in full working condition and operation of workstations, and assistance to users.Administering the management of servers and the CSUM computer network (installation, updates, etc.). Managing hardware and software stock. Ensuring management, maintenance in full working condition and operation of workstations, and assistance to users.

Responsible for the development of the attitude and orbit control system for various CSUM satellites, dimensioning studies, development of control and filtering algorithms, implementation of digital and physical simulations, testing of onboard systems and software.

Responsible for the development of the 3U Robusta-3A satellite power system, defining and carrying out hardware, solar energy recovery systems and power systems testing and design.

Workshop manager: organization, procurement / availability of materials, stock management and engineering assistance, health and safety at work assistant.

Electronics and microwave engineer, in charge of the clean room and the ground station.

Software development and testing for 1U and 3U satellites. Participation in the design of FPGA-based systems and software design.

Ensuring the scientific leadership and management of the CSUM, defining its strategy and guidelines in agreement with the Board of Directors of the Van Allen Foundation and the President of the University of Montpellier. This person maintains relationships with all partners, industrial or institutional, national or international, with whom nanosatellite projects may be devised, and guarantees funding by establishing research collaborations, obtaining grants or tendering for projects. Alongside the teaching elements, the director sets up training courses in the space field and defines the curriculum. Finally, if necessary, the director acts as a technical expert on CSUM projects and in the phase reviews of other university space centres.

Coordination of all stakeholders involved in the project, whether for its execution or its deliverables. Management of the impact of the project, both during development and after completion. Project management involves two main areas of activity: communication with stakeholders, maintaining links and sustaining the interest of all participants, and gathering data; risk management, planning and communicating changes, dealing with unforeseen events (budget, stakeholders, needs, etc.), being adaptable in order to stay on track.

Development of satellite FlatSat.

Being at the interface of the different areas of expertise found within the CSUM, coordinating technical activities and development to bring our satellite missions to fruition. Responsible for compliance with the requirements of the mission, in particular in charge of verifying the performance of the satellite or the ground segment, through the development of equipment testing and validation programs.

In charge of the work that makes it possible to assemble and test the satellites so that they are qualified for space flight. Involved in the technical development work of various projects with a predominantly mechanical focus.

Working on the mechanical architecture of satellites and responsible for the digital CAD model.

Analysis of projects to determine the different parameters of the project according to its requirements and constraints. Ensuring the operation of the satellite in its launch orbit.

Working on the satellite harness, responsible for designing, manufacturing/supervising the manufacture and testing of the satellite harness for FSLT, EM and PFM models. Responsible for supporting the AIT team.

Development of the transmission/reception system for scientific data and control-command of the thruster on board the satellite.

Responsible for the design of the structural and thermal model of satellites, and for the thermal analysis of satellites.