To anticipate the need for innovation on future projects, the University Space Centre offers full or part funding by the Van Allen Foundation, of doctoral theses, within the laboratories of the University of Montpellier – or other specialised organisations, such as Télécom Bretagne.

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The Institute of Electronics and Systems, particularly through its research group RADIAC “Radiation & Components”

RADIAC is one of the world leaders in the field of the effects of radiation on electronic components and systems, on the ground and in space. As part of the University Space Centre’s projects, RADIAC is developing methods to take the effects of radiation into account in the design of nanosatellites.


Montpellier Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotics and Microelectronics.

As part of the University Space Centre’s MTCube project, the LIRMM is developing a payload and corresponding test benches – for the study of on-board memory


Mechanics and Civil Engineering Laboratory

As part of the University Space Centre’s projects, the Mechanics and Civil Engineering Lab (LMGC) is working on the mechanical resistance to vibrations of solar structures and panels.