Our 3U Projects


Launch: to come

Robusta 3A

Picto satelliteCubeSat 3U

Expected development timescale: 10 years (Platform included)
• Start in 2013
• Ready to launch in 2024

Estimated number of students involved: 300

Mission duration: 2 years

picto partenariatMission in partnership

with Météo France, ENSTA Bretagne, IGN and Port de Sète Sud de France

Three times bigger than ROBUSTA-1B, ROBUSTA-3A will be able to aim at a  specific point on Earth to collect environmental data, which will be transmitted to Météo France, to enable them to improve the forecasting of ‘épisodes cévenols’ or Cevenol events – severe storms that hit the region.

picto financementFunding

Co-funded by Van Allen Foundation / CNES, within the framework of the CNES NanoLab Academy project

Funding of student internships by the Van Allen Foundation