Our 6U-12U Projects


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A Pre-maturation project is a research program funded by the Occitanie Region aimed at providing proof of concept over 18 months.

The CSUM has been committed for a number of years to developing its expertise, in order to take the steps needed to move from educational and academic nano-satellite platforms to more efficient models that meet market requirements. It will be able to carry out in-orbit demonstrations on the ROBUSTA-3A satellite, fully transferable to 6U and 12U platforms, and even beyond, such as 24U for software.

The 6U-12U Pre-Maturation project therefore intends to make case studies of the performance / dimensioning / design of a 6U/12U platform to address a wide range of new and exacting missions / applications.

The expected result will be TRL level 4. The proof of concept of the structural components is then taken to TRL 6-7 in collaboration with our industrial research partner LATECOERE, then licensed and marketed under an intellectual property agreement and patent.


Thus, the 6U and 12U platforms allow more missions to be carried out that better meet the requirements of industry and scientists.

As part of the plan de relance, the Project consists of designing, producing and qualifying a CubeSat 6 U nanosatellite platform that can be extended to 12U.

The R&T department of LATECOERE Interconnexion Systems (LATELEC SAS) is fully committed to a strategy of innovation through the development of nano-satellite platforms within the framework of public-private partnerships. It has chosen to invest in nano-satellite platforms developed by the Montpellier University Space Centre, which will benefit from the company’s full support.

The skills acquired by the staff participating in the project, financed by the “Protection of R&D jobs” plan de relance, will have an important role to play in current and future developments of LATECOERE Interconnexion Systems and will be valuable in the growth of its know-how and technological advances in the space market.