Advanced Master’s Degree

CGE – certified by the Graduate School of Engineering in Space Systems Development

Space enhances our knowledge of our planet and our daily lives:
Communications, monitoring for environmental/military/scientific/humanitarian purposes, and of weather, agriculture, urban planning


Chercheur nanosatellite

The ADVANCED MASTER’S Degree (CGE) in Space Systems Development complements the existing offer with a training course aimed at engineers or holders of a Master’s degree, who have already graduated in fields such as electronics, computer science, mechanics or materials (non-exhaustive list) and who wish to acquire the additional skills needed to meet the above requirements and in particular the systems, quality and project management aspects specific to the space field.


Systems Engineering, Expertise, Design and AIT careers such as:
• Space agency executive
• Executives with major space industry players (Thalès Alenia Space, Airbus DS, OHB, Ariane Group, etc.)
• Executives with Tier 1 and Tier 2 subcontractors (Latécoère)
• Executives in engineering companies (EXPLEO)