Our work

The University Space Center of Montpellier (CSUM) is a leading European center dedicated to bringing together resources and skills in the engineering, production, operation, testing and application of nanosatellites.


The CSUM’s missions are:

Flèche To develop innovative technology for nanosatellite platforms, subsystems and ground stations that can be used to support CSUM missions and training.

Flèche To carry out complete nanosatellite missions by involving school and university students within the scope of their internship and/or project.

Flèche To put nanosatellite technology at the service of environmental, societal and scientific causes, locally and internationally.

Flèche To promote regional economic development, innovation, job creation, the transfer of technology between industrial partners and the provision of services;

Flèche To collaborate with the foundations and organisations of the University of Montpellier to bring together the worlds of academia and industry, and to promote the professional integration of young graduates;

Flèche To contribute to the structuring, coordination and running of the nanosatellite industry in France and to facilitate dialogue between its stakeholders;

Flèche In support of the teaching departments of the University of Montpellier, to contribute to the setting up of innovative training courses addressing the HR needs of manufacturers in the space sector and in particular of Van Allen Foundation partners.

Flèche To promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge in order to inform young people about the space industry through presentations at trade fairs, in schools, at public conferences and through work shadowing schemes.