NANOSTAR is a project supported by the European Regional Development Fund (European Union) through the INTERREG-SUDOE V-B Program. It implements a network of universities and institutions to provide a practical, hands-on education in space systems with the development of nanosatellites. The primary activity of the network is the initiation of student challenges (for design, development, and testing) to be tackled by multidisciplinary teams of students.

The consortium is composed of7 universitiesand2 aerospace clusters in France, Spain and Portugal, plus 3 ESA-BIC centers as associates.

The projectstarted in April 2018 and it will last until Sept 2020.

The NANOSTAR network is articulated about three axes:

  1. A catalogue of partner resources (facilities, equipment, software, expertise, industry ecosystem)
  2. A common hardware and software infrastructure for collaborative engineering (Concurrent Enginering Facilities at each institution)
  3. A robust work methodology for the design, production, and testing of nanosatellites.

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Student challenges

Students, You are invited to participate to student challenges and to be end-users of the network in the future.

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NANOSTAR Challenges

Student challenges launched by CSUM for theNANOSTARproject.

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