For its high employment rate

Examples of jobs in the space sector linked to nanosatellites :

  • Jobs with responsibilities: engineer or technician;
  • In various technical domains: mission analysis, thermal or radiation analysis;mechanical design, fabrication, electronics, power generation and storage, IT, on-board systems, functional tests, test benches, environmental tests, thermal and mechanical vacuum, high frequency radio communications, ground operations…;
  • Project management;
  • Quality control: product control, product assurance, testing, supplies, inventory;
  • But also in law, medicine, biology, astrophysics…

Space fuels our dreams

  • Space research for Earth benefit. Space can improve our everyday lives: communications, environmental / military / scientific / humanitarian observation, weather forecast, agriculture, urban planning …
  • Innovation: developing tomorrow’s technologies;
  • Collaboration: working with international teams, in Europe and beyond